Sumner County Libraries

This library is located in Richland Park, and has several significant works of art.  At the entrance a sculpture by Olen Bryant illumines the Brumbaugh-Bryant Courtyard which showcases original limestone benches; in the gallery, Library Priestess by Olen Bryant and a colossal bronze from the Cultural Heroes series of Alan LeQuire keep watch over the circulation desk.  The traditional library also provides a two-room museum.  The Bailey History and Genealogical Room collection consists primarily of local, Sumner County, and Tennessee History.  A new state-of-the-art microfilm reader enhances visitors research.  The Samuel C. Collins Room showcases and documents the life of this Portland native who became a professor at MIT and was internationally recognized as the "Father of Cryogenics."  Portland Public Library strives to provide entertaining and educational programs to inspire the interests of all ages.